On The Road

Touring season is fast aproaching so I went out yesterday for a jog to get in shape for the road… Holy out of shape, batman! First one of the season is a killer.  I've got some work to do… lol.

BIG NEWS… Just got word I'll be out with two of my favorite country female artists in June… PAM TILLIS and LORRIE MORGAN! So excited! I used to sing songs from both of them when I was just getting started so this will be such an honor! 

These dates will be in June in MB and SK. Stay tuned for dates, times, etc. on my website at lisabrokop.com.

And to top it off, my best girlfriend plays in Pam's band.  Do you think it'll be any fun at all??? Hee hee.

From there I'll be in Dauphin for Country Fest, June 27th, and I hear that festival is sold out! Awesome!

Stay tuned for more news on tour dates...