Langara Fishing Lodge

I'm at Langara Fishing Lodge right now which is located in The Queen Charlotte Islands/Haida Gwaii just south of the Alaskan Pan Handle...Yup, I'm way up north! 
But what an amazing experience! I'm here with Paul and about six other family members and we've all been out on the fishing boats. Everyone in our group has caught a fish (chinook salmon) except for me so far.  I had one on my line two different times and both of them got free… boohoo.

Aside from the fish, the wildlife is amazing as well. We saw killer whales from the helicopter on our way in and about 75 sea lions lounging on the rocks and also the most beautiful bald eagles. 

And then there's the food up here… OMG… unbelievable 5-star cooking! Had the best crab cakes ever last night!

My uncle has some great pics on his camera that I will post.  His will be better than mine. Stay tuned!

Gotta get out there now and get me a fish!