Pledge Music

Hey all! I'm excited to fill you in on the next step of 'The Patsy Cline Project'!

I am planning to get back in the studio and record a new album in June and this time around I will be partnering with

And what does that mean? Well, provides an opportunity for artists and fans to work take the standard recording process and turn it into a unique and amazing journey for me AND you!

I will have a page on the PledgeMusic site that will take you through the entire process of recording the album. And only Pledgers (members) will have access to come along with me on the ride of making new music. And there will also be exclusive incentives available only for Pledgers including the opportunity to pre-order the album which means you'll get the music before anyone else!  All of this will be up and running in the next few weeks so stay tuned for more details.  Let's make a record!