Family Disney Cruise!

Are there any 3 better words than 'Family Disney Cruise'? I don't think so!
Yes we are all going on a Disney cruise in exciting!! My mom and dad will be celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary this year and in honor of that they are taking my family and my brothers family on a cruise. Whoohoo!!!
I've heard that this is a really awesome way to experience Disney without going to the theme parks and spending most of your time in a line up. We'll get to meet alot of the characters and experience 'the magic' while sailing over the bright blue sea! Ivy has never experienced anything like this so this will be so fantastic for her. They even have 'kids clubs' on board so the parents can go and sit with a fruity drink somewhere while the kids play with Mickey. Dreamy...
The hard part will be keeping her from going through the roof with excitement before we get's already starting to build as we count down the days. Who am I'll be hard for ME to keep my own excitement in check! Ha!
Good times ahead folks!!