We're down here in Starke FL right now on Kingsley Lake enjoying the good life!  Our friends here hosted a huge party Saturday, a Memorial Day/Graduation party, and The Jeffersons were invited to provide some entertainment. Congratulations Carly and Shianne by the way....

They have a home right on the water...so BEAUTIFUL, so we've had lots of swimming and boating time and Paul even did a little showing off on the water skis. They were also doing something called skurfing...half skiing, half surfing. I've never heard of it before. They kept saying it's so much easier than water skis but it looked pretty difficult to me. I'm more the float-in-the-water-rubber-dingy type.

We're staying another day and a half and then heading to Charlotte, NC to do another house concert.

Hoping to go and have a ride in the kayak later and maybe a swim...life's tough huh?

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