A Jeffersons Christmas

It's Dec. 27th and all the presents have been opened and there are toys and boxes and paper still scattered all over the house! Days of preparation and then 5 mins of total mayhem at 6:30 am Christmas morning! It was pretty great this year though...Ivy was very curious about Santa coming and was very excited about the presents he would bring her. And he did just that! But the big thing this year was a doll house that Daddy made her and mommy made furniture for inside it (up 'till midnight every night for a week putting it together!). It was so awesome to watch her little mind get right into the make-believe with it and of all the toys she got it's the one thing she keeps going back to. A great memory for all of us!

It's been really nice to have things low key around the house this week. Nowhere we really need to be...a lot of pajama wearing goin' on! Hoping to re-group and get rested up for the New Year. We are planning to start working on a new record so we'll be writing songs and getting everything together.

We hope that you are enjoying your holidays as well and getting a chance to slow down a little. And we want to take the opportunity to THANK YOU for all the support you've given us this year! For coming to our shows, for buying our records and making it possible for us to do what we do! We really appreciate you and hope to see you in 2013!

Wishing you peace, love, happiness and a prosperous 2013!!

Lisa and Paul

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