(July 18/2017) I'm going to Saskatoon this year to be a part of 2017 Canadian Country Music Awards!! Whoohoo!!!!!!!!!

It's been a couple of years since I've been to the CCMA's so I'm ultra excited about being there this year with all my friends and colleagues to celebrate all the successes of our Canadian country artists! 

For the last several years the conference has included 'The Legends Show' and this year I have been invited to be a part of it! It's going to be on Sept. 8 at Saskatoon's Sid Buckwold Theatre and it is truly gonna be amazing!! Paul Brandt, Madeline Merlo, Carolyn Dawn Johnson, Ian Tyson, The Hunter brothers and Brian Sklar, just to name a few, will all be on the show. How fun will that be...??? Tons!!

But everybody who has attended the CCMAs, especially the ladies, knows that it's really all about what you're going to wear....right?!?!? I like to call it operation CCMAwardrobe..:) So many different events require so many different, jewelry, handbags, tops, bottoms...its quite an ordeal!
So needless to say I've got my work cut out for me...ha!
Let the games begin!!!