Christmas Tour Fun

We've had a really great time on the road this past week and a half! We had 6 shows total...3 in California and 3 in BC and all were a ton of funl. We made a lot of new fans and enjoyed performing songs from our Christmas EP. Christmas is always such a great time to be on the road! Everybody is in the holiday spirit! Next year, we hope to make it an even bigger tour...more Christmas songs, more cities, more people!

Today we are in Surrey with The Brokops and will be having a Christmas dinner since we won't be here for the actual day. Tomorrow we head back to Nashville...long flight with a 2 year old...pray for us!  We'll be having a quiet Christmas in Nashville, just the 3 of us...

Don't get too caught up in the holiday hustle and bustle over the next couple weeks...enjoy the special moments!

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