Country Music News - We'll Miss You

I can't believe we are saying goodbye to something that has been such a fixture in Canadian country music for over 30 years. I read a note from Jason Blaine on Facebook and found out that the final issue of Country Music News has been sent out.

Larry Delaney and his wife Joanne have been the driving force behind the publication and have done all of it right from their home in Ottawa...pretty much the last of it's kind. It was all done from online anything...all done the old fashioned way with a lot of heart and soul. Paul and I had the chance to visit with them in Ottawa the last time we were there and had the chance to look through the vintage music selection that Larry owns. Quite amazing to say the least!

I personally have had the good fortune of being on the cover a few times throughout my career and am so grateful for all the support Larry and Country Music News have given me. And I'm so glad The Jeffersons were able to be included in one of the final issues as well. But onward we go...we won't forget you, Country Music News, but we WILL miss you!

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