Laryngitis, Hand Claps & Beer Bottles

Hey all... Just got over a week of laryngitis. Not fun! Not a good thing in my line of work! Luckily, I got enough voice back to sing with my pal Victoria Banks on her new record.  She is doing some amazing stuff! She wrote a song that was recorded with just vocals and percussion. A bunch of us stood around one mic and did some "uh huhs" and "ooh oohs" and hand claps, and even included a few taps on a beer bottle. When will people learn not to give me beer and a microphone at the same time?!!? It was a blast.

Totally looking forward to this week.  "Love Me If You Can" is doing really well and I'm so excited to see what happens this week! Thank you so so much to everyone out there spinning it and pushing it up the chart!

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