Ontario Tour 2012

We left Nashville on May 19th and drove north for the next day and a half to our first stop in Thorndale, ON for the first annual Purple Hill Country Music Festival. It was a great spot for a show...out on the farm owned by George and Anna Taylor and the weather was superb too. Ivy had an awesome time running around with Stephanie Mclroy...thank you Stephanie for helping us out during the show! And they had water buffalo icecream...huh? I know...really strange but apparently much healthier for you than from a regular old cow and really really tasty! Who knew?

Right after the show we got back in the car and drove to Muskoka to Linda and Ross Dodington's boathouse (relatives of Victoria Banks). Such an awesome place! We could hear waves lapping against the dock from our beds. We got to stay there for 3 days and did some boating and swimming...well just Paul and Ivy did the swimming, the water is still very cold (65 degrees) up there!  On Thursday, the 24th we went to Gravenhurst to perform at The Gravenhurst Opera House with our pal Victoria Banks. It was an amazing night. We did the show in-the-round style and swapped stories and songs and then at the end for an encore we sang one of Victorias songs called 'The Other Side' accapella with some awesome 3 part harmony. Really cool!

Then it was on to TO where we took part in the Tin Pan North Songwriters Festival. We did two songwriter rounds on the Friday and Saturday night at different venues in downtown TO. We were joined by several other Canadian and Nashville writers and heard some really cool new songs! I have to say a highlight was hearing Rob Crosby sing his song 'Concrete Angel' (Martina hit). So amazing!
On the Saturday during the day Paul stayed with Ivy at the hotel and I took part in a workshop for new writers. Got to meet a bunch of up and coming writers and offer a little advice to some of them. I really enjoyed seeing the enthusiasm and passion for their art! I'm sure we'll be running into a few of them in Nashville at some point....

On Sunday, May 27th we drove to Ottawa to do a house concert with Mike and Angel Turenne and also to see Ivy's cousins and my brother and his wife. Ivy had tons of fun playing and we had a great show as well. The stage was set in a barn that's converted into a party room with a bar and seating and a little wood stove...so cool! And the sound in there was really good too.

After the show we stayed in Ottawa for a couple of days for some down time and it was really fun to watch our nephews play together with Ivy...we don't see them often enough!

Then we got in the car to head back to Nashville....lordy it was a long trip!! 17 hours total...we stopped in Columbus, OH overnight to break it up but what a HAUL! And with a 2 1/2 year old! Little Ivy did pretty well all things considered. Lots of stops and promises of icecream!

Finally we made it to our driveway in Nashville...I've never been so happy to be home! Took a few days to recover from that one! All in all the trip was a great success! We look forward to going back...perhaps maybe by plane next time??

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