I think we may actually be getting out of the winter freeze! Our poor little Nashville just cannot handle the sub-0 temps! I know… waa, waa… It's nothing compared to the rest of the country, but we only have 1 snowplow and really thin coats! LOL. But it's a warm day in middle Tennessee -  Flowers are daring to approach the surface of the garden, and the cat is sunning herself in the driveway.

And it seems the sun is shining on my new single too! Several more radio stations added "Love Me If You Can" to their playlists last week and I am thrilled! Thank you to all the programmers for giving me some more spins! And thank you to everyone who has called their local stations to request it.  Love you guys for sure!

Also want to send a special thank you to my new friends at Purdy's Chocolatier. I met their director of marketing, Kriston Dean, through twitter and she sent me the most amazing assortment of Purdy's best! Thank you, Kriston! Let's be honest, that's really when spring started in this household.  The sun is always shining when you have chocolate, right???

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