A Brand New Show!!!!!!


Some very exciting things have been in the works for the last month or two!!! Theres a brand new show on the rise that will feature not only Lisa's hit show, The Patsy Cine Project but will include music from Paul Jeffersons new show, Hank Lives!

Now it just so happens that these two country music performers are a husband and wife team and they have decided to combine these two great shows into one and are taking it on the road together..:) This production will include stories and songs from Paul's hero, Hank Williams Sr. plus Lisa will be belting out some of those amazing Patsy Cline classics. History tells us that Patsy and Hank never actually crossed paths in their careers but.. imagine if they did? Perhaps it would look something like what is about to take the stage!  Rumor has it that Paul and Lisa will come together for a few numbers as well to simultaneously bring their audience a uniquely, nostalgic and captivating performance that is not to be missed!

You can find more details about when and where the tour dates for this show are at lisabrokop.com/shows 

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(July 18/2017) I'm going to Saskatoon this year to be a part of 2017 Canadian Country Music Awards!! Whoohoo!!!!!!!!!

It's been a couple of years since I've been to the CCMA's so I'm ultra excited about being there this year with all my friends and colleagues to celebrate all the successes of our Canadian country artists! 

For the last several years the conference has included 'The Legends Show' and this year I have been invited to be a part of it! It's going to be on Sept. 8 at Saskatoon's Sid Buckwold…

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Family Disney Cruise! 

Are there any 3 better words than 'Family Disney Cruise'? I don't think so!
Yes we are all going on a Disney cruise in February...so exciting!! My mom and dad will be celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary this year and in honor of that they are taking my family and my brothers family on a cruise. Whoohoo!!!
I've heard that this is a really awesome way to experience Disney without going to the theme parks and spending most of your time in a line up. We'll get to meet alot of the characters and experience…Read more

Pledge Music Campaign Official Launch!! 

I'm off and running with my campaign for 'Lisa Brokop: The Patsy Cline Project'! I'm doing this through Pledge Music and so far I'm loving the experience! Already I've had several people get on board with the project (pledgers) and I am so grateful for the early support on this! 

I would love for as many people as possible to take this journey with me so if you want to know more about it you can go to Pledge Music and become a 'Pledger' which means you'll have access to exclusive updates and offers on my…Read more

Pledge Music 


Hey all! I'm excited to fill you in on the next step of 'The Patsy Cline Project'!

I am planning to get back in the studio and record a new album in June and this time around I will be partnering with PledgeMusic.com

And what does that mean? Well, PledgeMusic.com provides an opportunity for artists and fans to work together...to take the standard recording process and turn it into a unique and amazing journey for me AND you!

I will have a page on the PledgeMusic site that will take you through…Read more

"The Patsy Cline Project"...coming soon 

Well we finally got rid of all the ice and snow in Nashville...craziest winter I've ever seen here! But we are all thawed out and spring is on its way...75 degrees today...whoohoo!

Things are busy as ever with my new endeavour, "The Patsy Cline Project". I just completed a video shoot of two Patsy classics, 'Sweet Dreams' and 'Strange' with my friends at Take 8 Films. Special thanks to Julian Chojniacki for doing an amazing job on these songs! There will be an album for this project and a whole lot of…Read more

Langara Fishing Lodge 

I'm at Langara Fishing Lodge right now which is located in The Queen Charlotte Islands/Haida Gwaii just south of the Alaskan Pan Handle...Yup, I'm way up north! 
But what an amazing experience! I'm here with Paul and about six other family members and we've all been out on the fishing boats. Everyone in our group has caught a fish (chinook salmon) except for me so far.  I had one on my line two different times and both of them got free… boohoo.

Aside from the fish, the wildlife is amazing as well. We saw…Read more

World Vision Canada 

I'm very excited to tell you that I will be partnering up with World Vision Canada once again!  They will be out on the road with me on my upcoming tour dates with Pam Tillis and Lorrie Morgan and will have all the information you need to sponsor a child.

As some of you know, I had the privilege of visiting El Salvador a few years back and got to see first hand how World Vision works. It was one of the most amazing experiences I've ever had!  I ended up sponsoring one of the children that I met on that trip…Read more

North… Way North 

As you know, I'll be heading up to Canada in June to be a part of the Pam Tillis/Lorrie Morgan "Grits & Glamour'" tour dates in June. But just before that, Paul and I will be heading up to Langara Lodge for a couple days which is located at the very tip of the Haida Gwaii on the Queen Charlotte Islands. You can actually see Alaska from there on a clear day! We've been asked to go up and do an acoustic show for the people that come up there on fishing expeditions. I actually got the chance to go up once…Read more

Canadian Hang 

I went out and saw my pals Small Town Pistols (Amanda and Tyler Wilkinson) put on a showcase here in Nashville last night and they TOTALLY rocked!

It was so great to hear their new music… And the place was full of Canadians, of course. It seems when one of our acts from Canada has got something going on we all show up to support! Michelle Wright, Patricia Conroy, Brett Kissel, Danick Dupelle (Emerson Drive), Wes Mack, Kortney Wilson were all part of the crowd, plus a ton of others. I know, I'm totally name…Read more

On The Road 

Touring season is fast aproaching so I went out yesterday for a jog to get in shape for the road… Holy out of shape, batman! First one of the season is a killer.  I've got some work to do… lol.

BIG NEWS… Just got word I'll be out with two of my favorite country female artists in June… PAM TILLIS and LORRIE MORGAN! So excited! I used to sing songs from both of them when I was just getting started so this will be such an honor! 

These dates will be in June in MB and SK. Stay tuned for dates, times, etc. on my…Read more

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